This year, our panel discussion featured Dominique Davis, Cognitive researcher, Dr. Kemi Doll, Gynecologic oncologist at the University of Washington, and Cherita Ousley, Software Engineer at Microsoft. Motivated to participate in history ourselves, this year we launched our first digital history guide so leaders and learners could take lesson about these powerful Black women back to their communities. 

In 2021, we went virtual during the height of the global pandemic and explored the universe of Black women in Literature. We were thrilled to hear from an all star panel of writers that included Anastacia-Renee, Jodi-Ann Burey, and Nekya Johnson. 

In her most recent iteration, Black Her Stories evolved into a podcast format in 2021. With the same intention to amplify the inspiring stories of Black women you may have never heard of, the podcast offers  intimate conversations with leading artists in Detroit, Michigan. Through conversations, the podcast explores what’s possible when creativity meets history - when we tap into our creative power to unlock our purpose.The process of evolution is ongoing and we can't wait to see what happens next!

Born out of a desire to celebrate Black History Month in a new way, the intention of Black Her Stories is to honor the bold Black women who have found strength in the struggle, overcome obstacles, and made a meaningful impact on our culture. We believe that by understanding how our ancestors responded to change and life's many challenges, we can better recognize and adapt to the changes that will come into our lives. 

Black Her Stories (BHS) began as a community event in Seattle, Washington in 2019. Created and hosted by Michaela Ayers, the event was held at the Riveter and included a panel discussion of local Black women leaders: La’Kita Williams, CEO/Founder of Co-Create Work, Denita Price, HR Leader of Amazon, and Grace MacJones, Azure Cloud Engineer of Microsoft. In the first year, we learned about the power of conversation to help build an intentional community. 

With a focus on Black women in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math, Black Her Stories continued in 2020 as an annual Black History Month event for the Seattle community. 



The Evolution of Black Her Stories

"If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else"

Time Travel with us

Time travel with us

In a world where our stories are often misrepresented, misunderstood, or completely erased, Black Her Stories is a moment of celebration - a moment to pause and reflect on a Black woman in your life whom you love, respect, and admire.

Shifting the lens of Black history from his to hers


Black Her Stories is a love letter from a Black woman to Black women and those who love us. It’s a love note dedicated to our courage, creativity, and grace.  Join the conversation that celebrates blackness and amplifies the power of black female leadership.

Black Her Stories