Anti‑Racist Conversation Generator

We know you want to engage in more meaningful conversations about race to help break down the racist conditioning of the status quo. This quiz provides tailored tools to help Community Advocates move into anti-racist action, now.

Not one for labels or putting you into a box, we acknowledge that people experience life differently based on their racial identity. The purpose of these questions is to curate individualized resources based on your unique lived experiences. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

We invite your honest, candid responses about where you are today in your anti-racism journey. It’s a lifelong practice, and we’re here to meet you wherever you are.

Question 1/5

How do you describe your racial identity?

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Question 2/5

Who would you like to talk to?

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Question 3/5

Which of the following best describes your intentions for this conversation?

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Question 4/5

How do conversations about race/racism make you feel?

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Question 5/5

What fear do you want to overcome?

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