Corporate Offerings

You know that the highest performing teams are the most cognitively and demographically diverse. However, the challenges of maintaining a diverse workforce are real. Inclusive leaders partner with Nourish to cultivate cross-cultural relationships and drive long-term DEI solutions

Our Approach

Nourish works collaboratively and through an intersectional lens with Corporate Advocates to promote equitable, anti-racist work environments. Using equity design principles, we practice inclusion by co-creating company culture with employees who have traditionally been the most excluded. We start small, ideate, prototype, and test, making DEI initiatives accessible, adaptable, and doable.

Learning Experiences

Breaking away from the traditional classroom model, Nourish offers action-based, human-centered learning experiences. We work with innovative teams to strengthen communication skills, develop emotional intelligence, and model more inclusive behavior. Training doesn’t have to be boring—we believe learning should be an embodied experience.

Consulting Services

Nourish delivers DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) consulting services to organizations committed to cultural change. Blending methods from design thinking and action learning, Nourish is a strategic partner to companies that regard DEI as a source of competitive advantage, and specifically as a key enabler of growth.

  • DEI Strategy Sessions
  • Anti-Racism Employee Experiences
  • Interactive DEI Workshops
  • Conversational Leadership Programs
  • Collaborative Meeting Facilitation

Speaking Engagements

Michaela Ayers, the founder of Nourish, believes there is a lot of power in simply having a conversation. Her particular areas of interest and expertise include Blackness, Black History, and belonging; The value of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace; Inclusive language and communications; Inclusive Leadership development; The value of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging in the workplace and beyond; Building equitable teams and businesses; Cross-cultural communication; Human resources; and Professional learning and development across a range of topics.

She has served as a keynote speaker, event designer, conversation curator, and moderator for professional discussions, conferences, and community events. Michaela is passionate about people and approaches speaking engagements through the lenses of art and social justice.

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