Michaela facilitates artful learning environments that offer relevant behavioral frameworks, conversational tools, and promote problem-solving with a creative twist.

Workshops that cultivate creativity, communication, and collaboration  

No more lecture-style workshops or triggering presentations. 

We believe that people learn best by doing and take a conversational approach to DEI training. 
My favorite topics are:
  • Self, Identity, Culture & Collage
  • Creative Conflict & Communication
  • Psychological Safety 

3: Facilitation

After we strategize, Nourish curates relevant resources for participants.

We don’t do bland or cookie-cutter!

Because we integrate creative practices into our offerings, this can include art supplies and design elements that entice people to play together. 

2: Curate Materials

Before the workshop, we’ll have a strategy call to discuss the purpose, theme, and goal of your learners.

With this in mind, we design a workshop tailored to your goals and explore how we can add some creative spice to your get-together. 

1: Start with Purpose

During the experience, we support learners with community agreements that model inclusive behaviors.

This is where the magic happens! 

Our approach to facilitation creates a space where learners can navigate nuanced conversations with curiosity and care. 

4. Measure Impact

After our session, we launch assessments to analyze the user experience and measure the impact of the engagement. 

We take a data-driven approach that prioritizes empathy, feedback, and constant evolution.

how it works:

The most valuable part of our engagement was the meaningful conversations among team members.

CINDY NOE, Director of Continuous Improvement

The fact that team members walked away feeling positive and productive about the time spent together was really valuable for our team's progress in this area.

The integration of art and creativity made workshops approachable to a wide variety of learning and interpersonal communication styles. 

melanie hodgeman, People & culture manager
2a consulting

 Michaela has collaborated with us for so long that she really knows who we are so that she can tailor the engagements to the team in specific and relevant ways.

Our Impact

All of our youth engaged seamlessly and meaningfully with the atmosphere of the workshop. Michaela created thoughtful collage activities that hit every goal we set out to achieve. 

justin rogers, citywide poets manager
inside out literary arts

One student shared that this was her favorite workshop of the entire year, and multiple students agreed in that statement.

Michaela is very approachable and creates a relaxed, open environment for what are typically inherently emotional conversations.

CINDY NOE, Director of Continuous Improvement

She is not intense or too heavy, and she navigates different experiences and backgrounds between group members well, even in difficult conversations. She acknowledges and then helps diffuse tension or stress when that arises to keep things moving forward.

Our Impact

Nourish supports individuals who need help clarifying their creative processes and projects with the support of a collaborative partner with DEI lens.

Depending on your goals, we offer 2 containers to work with us. During your creative consultation, you’ll receive:

Creative Consultations


Brainstorming sessions map out your current processes and identify areas of improvement

Ideation Sessions

Deep listening sessions that get to the root of your unique challenges and illuminate creative strengths

Understanding the Problem

Prototyping sessions to refine ideas, co-create frameworks, and bring your ideas to life with strategic support.


Practice sessions to role play, build confidence, and show you the path forward