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  • Inspire Innovation
  • Build Creative Confidence
  • Deepen Relationships
  • Foster Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Fresh Approaches to Common Challenges 


  • Strategic Planning Session 
  • Collage Supplies
  • Content Review/Event Prep Call
  • Communications Support & Project Management
  • Post-workshop Impact Call 

What is included?

Our workshops blend hands-on creativity with heart-centered purpose. In collaboration with our partners, we design collage activities that stimulates creative thinking, enhance communication skills, and deepen employee engagement.

Collage Experiences

Our services are delivered online or in-person. Say the word and we'll will hop on the next flight to facilitate your team event.


  • 1 HR - 90 min Creative Play Session 
  • 2 HR - 3 HR Workshop
  • Half Day (4HR)  Retreat
  • Full Day (8 HR) Retreat 


Nourish leverages creative play to engage adult learners because it increases confidence, supports well-being, and fosters a sense of belonging. 

We encourage leaders to tackle business challenges using artful approaches that deepen mutual understanding and drive outcomes.

Our Why

3: Facilitation

After we strategize, Nourish designs the learner experiences and curates relevant resources for participants.

We don’t do bland or cookie-cutter!

We blend embodiment practices into our approach, this art supplies, music, and if you're hungry - food!

2: Experience Design

Before the workshop, we’ll have a strategy call to discuss the purpose, theme, and goal of your gathering.

With this in mind, we design an experience tailored to your goals. 

1: Start with Purpose

This is where the magic happens! 

Our approach to facilitation creates a space where learners can navigate conversations with creativity, curiosity, and care. 

4. Measure Impact

After our session, we launch assessments to analyze the user experience and measure the impact of the engagement. 

We take a data-driven approach that prioritizes empathy, feedback, and constant evolution.

how it works:

The most valuable part of our engagement was the meaningful conversations among team members.

CINDY NOE, Director of Continuous Improvement

The fact that team members walked away feeling positive and productive about the time spent together was really valuable for our team's progress in this area.

Our Why

The integration of art and creativity made workshops approachable to a wide variety of learning and interpersonal communication styles. 

melanie hodgeman, People & culture manager
2a consulting

 Michaela has collaborated with us for so long that she really knows who we are so that she can tailor the engagements to the team in specific and relevant ways.

Our Impact

Nourish supports leaders who are looking for fresh ways to spark connections and engage their audiences.

We delight in delivering interactive programs that energize participants and amplify your message.

Let's create meaningful moments together.


We take a data-driven approach so you know the drill.

After our session, we host a debrief session to review participant feedback and discuss the impact of the event to plan for future activities or programmatic improvements. 

4. Debrief & Evaluation

Preparation makes all the difference. Prior to the engagement, we conduct rehearsals to fine-tune the programmatic flow. 

Stakeholders are engaged to ensure everyone is on the same page and minimize unexpected surprises. 

After rehearsal, it's lights, camera, action!

3: Rehearsal, Refinement, & Delivery

We outline the user experience from start to finish and design an experience that ensure participants feel cared for.

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop activities that are immersive and memorable.

The outcome is a comprehensive program outline detailing the list of activities, timing, and materials required. 

2: Program Design

To kick-off our collaboration, we dive in to a strategy session to understand your goals, the needs of your audience, and desired impact. 

With this in mind, we develop concepts and engagement strategies that align with your objectives. 

1: Strategic Alignment

how it works:

"Nourish facilitates creative and inclusive events that allow for meaningful engagement with your audience."


March for Moms was hoping to achieve a vibrant and inclusive virtual community where people felt comfortable sharing their thoughts on a selected book during Black Maternal Health Week. Nourish created different engagement opportunities throughout the virtual event where people could put their thoughts in the chat, verbally communicate, use a mentimeter, etc. It catered to all levels of engagement styles for the audience.

Our Impact