Invest in Community 

Many of you have reached out asking if you can contribute to support Nourish, and we are so grateful. There are significant barriers to funding for Black female entrepreneurs, who often face negative bias and lack of access to networks. While women of color (WOC) are leading the women-owned business charge, with WOC starting 42% of all new women-owned businesses in 2019 while accounting for only 14% of the female population, Black women have received only .0006% of venture capital funding over the last decade.

Your donation to Nourish will support our programming and the under-resourced communities we represent and serve, including scholarships and discounted offerings for BIPOC. We invite you to give in a way that will help close the wealth gap, as your contribution helps us pay our collaborators fairly for their time and energy.

When you donate to Nourish you’re not only investing in your community, you’re also contributing to a more equitable democracy.