April 29, 2024

Infusing Creativity into Strategic Planning with Lynne Varner of Washington STEM

Lynne Varner, Washington STEM CEO, collaborates with her team to co-design a collage that illustrates their organizational values.

In this episode of the Nourish Community podcast, host Michaela Ayers explores the intersection of creativity and strategic planning with guest Lynn Varner, CEO of Washington STEM.

The conversation dives into their collaborative workshop experience, where Michaela facilitated a session using collage activities to spark imaginative thinking among Washington STEM leaders. Lynn reflects on the transformative impact of this workshop, noting how it inspired deeper, holistic thinking and renewed focus on the organization’s mission of uplifting underserved student groups.

Both emphasize the significance of childhood play in fostering innovation and advocate for spaces that encourage leaders to embrace imaginative exploration. Lynn shares her personal creative practices, such as quilting and writing, as methods of nurturing her imagination—a vital component of creative leadership.